Make your store a selling machine!

That converts your visitors into loyal customers.


We help shopify stores discover what makes them unique and channel it into a conversion focused store that outsells and outshines their competition online.


Depending on your niche, our web design team plans the whole layout for your store. 


We make sure your Shopify store is well optimized for visitors. 


Our result makes your store’s visitors convert into buyers. 


Kalles is the only Shopify theme you’ll need to create a powerful online store that will give your customers smooth and seamless shopping experience.


Kalles includes a range of flexible options that give you the ability to showcase your products in a way that suits you best.


Everything looks clean, tidy, and professional. Kalles has numerous components that help increase conversion.


Whatever device your website is viewed on, kalles will ensure your store looks and functions perfectly.

& Retina-Ready Design

Whatever device your website is viewed on, kalles will ensure your store looks and functions perfectly. This includes meeting the parameters and dimensions of that device without interrupting the user’s experience and without needing any further input from you.

Versatile Product Layouts

Don’t be restricted by standard product detail layouts. Kalles includes a range of flexible options that give you the ability to showcase your products in a way that suits you best. Choose whether your thumbnails are displayed on the left, right or bottom of a listing or use the Sticky feature to keep your product detail right where it is when scrolling.

Optimized Product Pages

Everything on the product page is optimized and streamlined to bring the best experience to your customers. It also has numerous components that help increase conversion rates. Everything looks clean, tidy and professional.

Save up to $1500 a Year on Shopify App Fees

You won’t have to purchase or download expensive applications because Kalles has it all, and it’s Completely Free. Just take a look at some of the applications you can save on in the image above, you will see how great Kalles is.

Mobile Bottom Navigation

This feature helps optimize the UI/UX in mobile, your store looks like a mobile application and it is also very smooth. With Kalles, everything is taken care of pixel by pixel.

Product Variation Swatches

Kalles also supports a variety of product variant interfaces, allowing you to easily customize how they are displayed on product pages, collection pages, home page, etc.

What is the price of this value?

... All for Only $125

What's Included ?

Kalles theme

Theme installation
And Setup


Homepage Layout
Banner and Images
Front Designing
Header & Footer Section
Color Scheme


Product Page Customization.
Dynamic Banners
Customized Header
Necessary Pages
Information Bar

Blow Up My Sales Now!


Turn around time ?

Usually it takes 3 days to finish complete job. But sometimes due to heavy load, it may take 3-5 days. You won’t see any changes untill the store is ready. Till then your store will function as it is. 

Any revision if not satisfied ?

After completion you can ask for revision if required.  Unlimited revision untill satisfied, so no need to worry about it. 
We promise 100% satisfaction. 

How to give store access ?

We are partner with Shopify. After reciveing the payment, our team will send you a request to access your store. You will recieve an email from Shopify on your registered email address.

Payment done. What's next ?

As we are partner with Shopify, we will send you a request to access your store within 12 hours. You will receive an email from Shopify. You can contact us on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook for quick response. 

Is there any hidden cost ?

Its one time fee and there is no hidden cost and no upsells. Everything is included in the package. You don’t have to pay anything extra. 

Can I get refund if dissatisfied ?

Due to nature of work, we don’t provide refund. But incase if we fail to deliver the work as said, we guarantee 100% refund. Also you get unlimited revision after completion.

Any support after completion ?

Yes. We will be there for you if any issue arises in the designing. 7 days free support from our team. After that you may have to pay small amount depending on the work. 

WIll it affect my existing products ?

No. We work on theme, customization, menus, navigation and collection images. Your existing products will remain as it is. 


Client reviews

What people say?

One of the best themes I've ever used as I used many themes before! The support team more than 5 Stars and they are always there to help. Many Thanks Great Team
Amanda Lee
I should probably choose not only the design quality but most of the features in this theme. This is truly one of the best Shopify themes I used. Great quality, perfect flexibility, awesome support.
Adam Cheise